CFPals Joy Box
CFPals Joy Box
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Meet the Joy Box. A symbol of the evolution of people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF)and pulmonary disease whose courage, discipline,  participation in clinical trials and willingness to mentor other  patients and parents results in patients living longer, productive lives. Offering enrichment and talent to their community while enduring the rigors of coping with life threatening disease, these are the heroes living in our midst.  The Joy Box is a simple tool and one of many employed in a challenging revolutionary program being piloted right here in our local community.


As an example,In a nutshell, CF is a debilitating respiratory disease. Historically, its been fatal early in life but thanks to perseverance, participation in clinical trials and exploration of alternatives in nutrition and mind body connections, the average life expectancy is increasing. The average is now 37.  There is real hope that more people with cf and life threatening pulmonary disease will achieve even greater life expectancy in the next few years. Many still die too young.

Despite exhaustion, complex nutritional needs, rigorous daily treatments, pain, frequent hospitalizations, the stress and the emotional challenge of living with life threatening disease, new generations of CF/pulmonary disease patients are unwilling to accept their disease as the defining aspect of their life. They dream of being active contributing members of society living a full active life despite their illness. CFPals helps them achieve that dream. But we can’t do it without you and your generous help.

Importantly, 100% of your much-needed donation will stay right in your local community supporting this groundbreaking work. Help us Build joy boxes and help us build hope. To participate, please CLICK HERE.