CFPals Joy Box
CFPals Programs
  Aerobic Action / Lung health
  • Adventure Club – Opportunities to encourage physical activity through CFPals assisted outdoor activity. Trained volunteers and fitness experts plan and lead outdoor adventure field trips four times a year to provide access to the physical and emotional healing that occurs when one participates actively with the wonders of nature.
  •  Fitness for life – Activities to encourage lung capacity and general fitness geared toward the special needs of the patient and family. Volunteer fitness experts and Physical Education educators offer free advice, plan and lead fitness activities designed to encourage lung health and core body strength.
What Can I Do To Help
  Social Support for Hospitalized Children   Life Skills
  • Time out For FUN – For children who have been discharged after long and difficult hospitalizations, with a referral from the hospital care team, CFPals offers free admission to family fun activities like aquariums, animal park/ zoos, local fun parks and excursions.
  • College Club –preparation and transition tips to life on campus from  patients who have
    been there and volunteers with collegiate faculty experience
  • JOY BOX: Long hours of treatment, days and weeks of hospitalization take away opportunities for play. CFPals provides games, books and other diversions for CF and pulmonary care patients of all ages to use for diversion and creative expression.
  •  Workplace exploration – Volunteer led sessions focus on appropriate job choices and issues relating to world of work decisions
  • Holiday Extras- Volunteer visits to hospitalized or shut in patients during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Patients receive age and disease appropriate cheer gifts during volunteer visits.
  •  Mentors for Life -  Trained volunteers are available for discussion and social support