CFPals Joy Box
CFPals Services
CFPals volunteers assist the community to understand how to welcome the cystic fibrosis and pulmonary disease person into the fabric of community life:
  •  CFPals outreach and education opens doors that enable and encourage people to enjoy quality participation and enrichment at schools,civic group activities,church, athletics, performing arts and the workplace
  • CFPals disseminates easy to read tips for teachers to help them create a classroom environment that welcomes and includes the CF/PD person in all aspects of school life


CF and PD are not only life threatening, they are very expensive.

Money that many families set aside for social or extracurricular activities is hard to come by for families living with CF/PD

Young adults face unique transition problems from school to work. The financial burden of living with CF as an adult is a growing area of concern.  Treatment modalities can require  up to three hours a day and that creates a world of challenge for the college student and the adult in the work force.

CFPals helps to provide resources, mentors and funds to assist special needs situations.



CFPals provides accurate and informative  linkages to organizations,schools,  members of the CF/PD community, and interested friends who benefit from access to current information and exposure to new trends and techniques for successful immersion at school, work and play.