CFPals Joy Box
CFPals Volunteers

This is a volunteer service project delivered with sincere compassion by people who know all too well the

brave and difficult struggle for breath confronting people living with Cystic Fibrosis/Pulmonary Disease.

  • Volunteer as a mentor and lend support to provide first hand knowledge and expertise to help patients and their families keep up hope and improve their quality of life.

  • Volunteer to provide diversion, visits, activities and motivation for patients who deal with long and multiple hospital stays.

  • Volunteer to encourage attention to lung health by planning outdoor fitness activities

  • Volunteer to help young adults plan for education and career options

  • Volunteer as a Drive to Life recovery driver to help bring patient and families to life saving clinic appointments when situations beyond family controls make it impossible to get patients to critical out patient  or inpatient treatments.

  • Volunteers produce and distribute SHORT and EASY to follow overview educational pamphlets that explain CF/PD and how to treat the unique needs of the child or adult in the real world environment to help educate members of the community about the disease and what the CF/PD person must endure.
  • We create volunteer opportunities to teach coaches, teachers, school administrators, community arts and recreation leaders how to incorporate the CF/PD person into their programs. Program focus is on inclusion in out-of-school opportunities like little league, softball, soccer, scouts, choirs, camps, community programs and the performing arts

Bring your talent and skill to help CFPals reach out to help cystic

fibrosis and pulmonary disease patient families thrive in your community!